Innovation Builder is a diverse group of inventors, technologists, general contractors, builders and entrepreneurs who don’t simply accept things as they are in construction. Instead, we seek to challenge the status quo, truly understand the unmet needs of all stakeholders and develop game changing solutions to radically improve performance while improving the lives of construction workers.

We don’t shy away from tough problems. We run to them with a deep understanding of this business and the tools to drive innovative solutions. Founded in 2007, we are well versed in design thinking and leverage that mindset to drive solutions with the ambition and speed of a startup.


Construction’s biggest problems can’t be solved with traditional thinking or simple incremental improvements to existing processes.

At IB, we’ve learned that breakthrough innovation happens when passionate teams of people have the courage to challenge each other’s perspectives and aim for the seemingly impossible.

Tackling hard problems

We get dirty and work closely with stakeholders to truly understand the problems that affect the construction industry. We focus on solving problems and resist the temptation to fall in love with the latest technology simply for technology's sake. For us, technology is a tool and we want to leverage that tool to help improve the industry and the lives of the people that make this industry happen- construction workers.

Finding radical solutions

Our small, focused project teams bring together deep expertise across multiple disciplines and industries, searching for radical solutions and transforming into real-world impact quickly.

Our Guiding Principals

We believe, Innovation starts with the customer’s perspective. Whether we are developing new back office processes, new methods for modular construction or a collaborative scheduling solution, you first must understand your customer. It’s not as simple as asking your customers what they want because they are often unable to say what they really want. You must watch what they do to uncover their unarticulated needs, wants and desires.

Innovation is the key to gaining a sustainable competitive advantage. We believe innovation can be created on demand with the right training. It’s not some dark, mysterious ancient ritual. It’s just a mindset that involves constant probing to see how processes and experiences can be improved or new ones created. We focus on solutions that are achievable within 3 to 5 years.

Our Blueprint for Change

Dare to think BIG. Pushing for radical change forces us to set aside our preconceived ideas about the world as it is and frees us to make bold assumptions about what’s possible, helping us get to a radical departure from the way things have always been.
Ditch the playbook. Things that have never been built before don’t have instruction manuals. So we don’t wait around; we just get going- understanding the problem, prototyping potential solutions, iterating, and experimenting our way forward. We use design thinking methodology to guide us.
Learn by Doing. We are not afraid to fail as long as we learn from those failures. For us, winning is about improving the construction industry and the lives of those that are connected to it. We know the best way to solve complex problems is to break the really big problem down into smaller pieces that can be easily digested. Once we’ve done that, we quickly move to the field to test our assumptions in the real world, learning all the ways we’re wrong while never giving up until we get it right.
Innovation is a team sport. The myth of the lone genius inventor is just that: a myth. Innovation happens when we bring diverse perspectives together, challenging each other to spark even better solutions.
Find inspiration in the unexpected. We’re creating things that the world has never seen. So we don’t follow a typical process to make incremental improvements. We draw insights from other industries and apply them in unconventional ways to create game changing solutions.